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Yona-Kit (1995) Yona-Kit LP

Info :
A U.S.-Japanese collaboration, the group consisted of KK Null (electric guitar and vocals), Jim O'Rourke (electric guitar), Darin Gray (electric bass guitar), and Thymme Jones (drum set). All but Null were contemporaneously members of the group Brise-Glace.
Yona-Kit released one album, Yona-Kit (1994) on Skin Graft Records. The album was recorded by Steve Albini in Chicago in June 1994. The album's cover photography, featuring gigantic stuffed animals of various sorts, as well as bizarre lyrics (dealing with such subjects as dancing sumo wrestlers), lend a whimsical character to music that is often fairly brutal and complex. Yasuko Onuki, the singer for the Japanese band Melt-Banana, contributes vocals for one song on the album, "Franken-Bitch."

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Scheda :
Band : Yona-Kit
Album : Yona-Kit LP
Anno : 1995
Etichetta : Skin Graft
Numero di catalogo : GR20CD/NUX-D11
Registrato da : Steve Albini a Chicago nel giugno 1994
Genere : Rock, alternative, sperimental
Paese : USA - Japan

Band :
Jim O'Rourke - Guitar
Thymme Jones - Drums
Darin Gray - Electric bass
Kazuyuki K. Null - Guitar, vocals

Guest :
Yasuko Onuki (Melt-Banana) : vocals in Franken-Bitch

Songs :
1 - Franken-Bitch
2 - Dancing Sumo Wrestlers
3 - Desert Rose
4 - Hi Ka Ri
5 - TWA Corbies
6 - Skeleton King
7 - Get Out Of Here
8 - Disembody
9 - Slice Of Life

Yona-Kit (1995) Yona-Kit LP