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Neutral Milk Hotel (1996, Reissue 2007) On Avery Island

Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel
Title: On Avery Island
Label: Fire Records - SFIRE036CD
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Digipak
Country: UK
Released: 17 Sep 2007
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock

01 Song Against Sex
02 You've Passed
03 Someone Is Waiting
04 A Baby For Pree
05 Marching Theme
06 Where You'll Find Me Now
07 Avery Island / April 1st
08 Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
09 Three Peaches
10 Naomi
11 April 8th
12 Pree-Sisters Swallowing A Donkey's Eye
13 Everything Is...
14 Snow Song Pt. 1

Neutral Milk Hotel (1996, Reissue 2007) On Avery Island

venerdì 29 maggio 2015

Klara Lewis (2014) Ett

Klara Lewis' debut release presents an electronically charged reconstruction of organic sound matter. 10 tracks featuring a wide variety of sonic material which is subjected to Lewis' unique approach to the sonic landscape. Field recordings, small sounds, samples, ambient pot holes, repetition, and giddy disorientation are all tactics deployed by Lewis.  On entering these works we take a voyage through a series of audacious audio adventures, playful musical miniatures and choppy sonic seas. There is a human warmth to much of the material as Lewis expertly crafts musical matter from the living world. ‘Ett‘ is an exemplary investigation as Lewis’ reconfigures sounds of life itself, from the delirious to the tender. A bold vision from a bright new talent.

Artist: Klara Lewis
Title: Ett
Label: Editions MEGO - eMEGO 190
Format: Web, Flac
Country: Austria
Released: 14 April 2014
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, IDM, Minimal

A1 c a t t [3:05]
A2 Untilted [6:32]
A3 49th Hour [5:34]
A4 Seascape [1:34]
A5 Muezzin [5:30]
B1 Clearing [2:12]
B2 Shine [5:03]
B3 Surfaced [1:53]
B4 Altered [12:13]
B5 Aver [1:28]

Recorded, sampled, edited, manipulated, mixed, produced and arranged by Klara Lewis
Artwork by Dave Coppenhall
Available on LP on Editions MEGO.
Klara Lewis is the daughter of Graham Lewis.

Klara Lewis (2014) Ett
Pan•American (1997) Pan•American

Artist: Pan•American
Title: Pan•American
Label: Kranky - krank025
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1997
Genre: Electronic
Style: Post Rock, Downtempo, Ambient

1 Starts Friday [6:43]
2 Remapping [7:02]
3 Lent [4:56]
4 First Position [3:39]
5 Tract [5:42]
6 The Dark Nest [3:38]
7 Noun [7:53]
8 Lake Supplies [4:58]
9 Part One [5:53]

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Zu with Xabier Iriondo / Iceburn (2006) PhonoMetak #1 [10", EP]

Artist: Zu with Xabier Iriondo / Iceburn
Title: PhonoMetak #1
Label: PhonoMetak Laboratories - 01-06, Wallace Records - wallace75
Series: PhonoMetak Series
Format: Vinyl, 10", 33 RPM, Limited Edition, Numbered
Country: Italy / US
Released: Sep 2006
Genre: Jazz, Rock
Style: Free Jazz, Doom Metal, Avantgarde

A1 Zu With Xabier Iriondo - Big Sea Warnings [1:48]
A2 Zu With Xabier Iriondo - Momentum [4:31]
A3 Zu With Xabier Iriondo - 3 Rivers Conjunction [1:37]
A4 Zu With Xabier Iriondo - How We're Being Manipulated [3:07]
A5 Zu With Xabier Iriondo - It's Irrelevant Now [3:13]
B1 Iceburn - Odin's Beard [3:13]
B2 Iceburn - Swallow Mighty Earth [2:52]
B3 Iceburn - 1000 Miles Stallion [4:11]
B4 Iceburn - Shaolin Taco [1:52]

Baritone Saxophone, Vocals [Throat] – Luca Mai (tracks: A1 to A5)
Bass, Zither – Massimo Pupillo (tracks: A1 to A5)
Drums – Chad Popple (tracks: B1 to B4)
Drums, Electronics – Jacopo Battaglia (tracks: A1 to A5)
Electric Guitar – Ed Rodriguez (tracks: B1 to B4), Gentry Densley (tracks: B1 to B4)
Guitar, Guitar [Table], Strings [Monochord], Mixed By – Xabier Iriondo (tracks: A1 to A5)
Mastered By – Maurizio Giannotti
Recorded By – Matteo Spinazzè (tracks: A1 to A5)
Recorded By, Engineer – Andy Patterson (tracks: B1 to B4)

Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.
Rachel's (1995) Handwriting lp

Artist: Rachel's
Title: Handwriting lp
Label: Quarterstick Records - QS30CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 22/05/1995
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Modern Classical

1 Southbound to Marion [3:14]
2 M. Daguerre [11:29]
3 Saccharin [7:06]
4 Frida Kahlo [1:58]
5 Seratonin [3:37]
6 Full On Night [14:35]
7 Handwriting [1:50]

Richard Barber - Contra Bass
Nat Barrett - Cello
Marnie Christensen - Violin
Kevin Coultas - Drum Kit
Christian Frederickson - Viola
Mark Greenberg - Vibraphone
Rachel Grimes - Piano
Gregory King - Hand Drums
Michael Kurth - Double Bass
Eve Miller - Violoncello
Jeff Mueller - Orator
Jason B. Noble - Electric Bass, Guitars, Tapes

Plus & Credits:
Clarinet, Clarinet [Bass] – John Upchurch
Double Bass – Bob Weston
Double Bass [Upright Bass] – Barry Phipps
Violin – Jacob Pine
Electric Bass – Bob Weston
Composed By – Frederickson, Noble, Grimes
Mixed By – Christian Frederickson, Jason, Rachel, Bob
Recorded By – Jason Noble, Kevin Coultas, Rachel Grimes, Bob Weston, Tony French
Mastered By – John Loder
Artwork By [Type Handset] - Matt McClintock & John Upchurch

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Sense Field (1996) Building

Artist: Sense Field
Title: Building
Label: Revelation Records - Rev:46
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1996
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore, Emo

01 Overstand [1:59]
02 Outlive The Man [1:47]
03 Different Times [2:47]
04 Leia [3:15]
05 No Man's Land [2:42]
06 Will [2:30]
07 Building [1:34]
08 Shallow Grave [3:35]
09 Fiesta [3:07]
10 Everyone I See [3:34]
11 In The Light Of Things [3:44]
12 Wondering Time [2:45]
13 Sight Unseen [2:37]

Jonathan Bunch - Vocals
Chris Evenson - Guitar
John Stockberger "Slow Johnny" - Bass
Rodney Sellars - Guitar
Scott McPherson - Drums
oRSo (1998) oRSo

Artist: oRSo
Title: oRSo
Label: Perishable Records - PER004
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1998
Genre: Rock
Style: Lo-Fi, Post Rock, Experimental

01 3 Chimneys All Different
02 Random Butter
03 Farmer Was A Paranoid Man
04 For Lack Of Better Words
05 Tea Eggs
06 Stretch Your Money
07 Rudra Vina
08 Burial At Sea
09 Spider's House
10 Madagascar
11 Tongue And Voice
12 Fireman's Cough
13 Cold Rest
14 Bubble Lady

Phil Spirito (Loftus, oRSo, Rex)
Brian Deck (Califone, Loftus, Margot & The Nuclear So And So's, oRSo, Red Red Meat, Ugly Casanova)
Ben Massarella (Califone, Drumhead, Friends Of Betty, Lake Wandawega Resort Band, Loftus, oRSo, Red Red Meat)
Julie Liu (HiM, Mint Aundry, oRSo, Rex, Team Xiaoping)
Tim Rutili (Boxhead Ensemble, Califone, Friends Of Betty, Loftus, Red Red Meat, Ugly Casanova)
Tim Hurley (Califone, Jaap Boots Zonder Kleren, Loftus, Red Red Meat, Sin Ropas, Squash Blossom)
Gary Shepers
and the ghost of Bundy K. Brown

Action Swingers (1990) Fear of a Fucked Up Planet / Blowjob [7'', EP]

Artist: Action Swingers
Title: Fear Of A Fucked Up Planet / Blowjob
Label: Primo ScreeSCREE 1
Format: Vinyl, 7", EP
Country: US
Released: 1990
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Garage Punk

A1 Fear Of A Fucked Up Planet [1:46]
B1 Blowjob [2:41]

Ned Hayden - Vocals, Guitar
Julia Cafritz - L. Guitar
Don Fleming - Drums

Produced by Don Fleming
Engineered by Jim Waters
Recorded at Waterworks, NYC
Graphics by Gaor Graphics
Primo Scree a division of Caroline Records

Action Swingers (1990) Fear Of A Fucked Up Planet / Blowjob [7", EP]

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Gastr Del Sol (1994) Mirror Repair [EP]

Artist: Gastr Del Sol
Title: Mirror Repair
Label: Drag CityDC54CD
Format: CD, EP
Country: US
Released: 18 Nov 1994
Genre: Rock
Style: Math Rock, Post Rock

1) Photographed Yawning [0:50]
2) Eight Corners [8:53]
3) Dictionary Of Handwriting [6:02]
4) Why Sleep [2:02]
5) Mirror Repair [3:14]

David Grubbs : Written & Performed (Bastro, Bitch Magnet, Boxhead Ensemble, Codeine, Gastr Del Sol, Parallax Ensemble, Red Krayola, Squirrel Bait, Wingdale Community Singers)
Jim O'Rourke : Written & Performed
Gene Coleman : Bass Clarinet (track 2)
John McEntire : Percussion (tracks 3, 5)
Steve Albini : Engineer (tracks: 1, 3 to 5)
John McEntire : Engineer (track 2)
Albert Oehlen : Artwork

Written & Performed June - August 1994.

Gastr Del Sol (1994) Mirror Repair [EP]

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The Chinese Stars (2003) Turbo Mattress

Artist: The Chinese Stars
Title: Turbo Mattress
Label: Skin Graft RecordsGR69CD
Format: CD, Shape, Mini-Album
Country: US
Released: 2003
Genre: Rock
Style: Post Rock, Experimental, No Wave

1 Sick Machine
2 The Fastest Horse Yet
3 Arson Hotline
4 Loose Traffic
5 Eyes Of The Secret North
Eric Paul : Vocals
Richard Ivan Pelletier : Bass
Craig Kureck : Drums
Paul Vieira : Guitar
Mark Fisher : Artwork, Design [Package]
Mastered by John Jacobson & Richard Ivan Pelletier
Producer & Recorded by Richard Ivan Pelletier

Recorded at The Parlour.
Mastered at Sound Station 7.

The Chinese Stars (2003) Turbo Mattress

Gastr Del Sol (1995) The Harp Factory on Lake Street [EP]

Artist: Gastr Del Sol
Title: The Harp Factory on Lake Street
Label: Table of the Elements - 19 K
Format: CD, Minimax, EP
Country: US
Released: 1995
Genre: Electronic, Classical
Style: Contemporary

1) The Harp Factory On Lake Street [17:12]

David Grubbs : Written & Performed (Bastro, Bitch Magnet, Boxhead Ensemble, Codeine, Gastr Del Sol, Parallax Ensemble, Red Krayola, Squirrel Bait, Wingdale Community Singers)
Jim O'Rourke : Written & Performed
Gene Coleman : Bass Clarinet
Jeb Bishop : Trombone
Robert Weston : Trumpet
Thymme Jones : Trumpet
Terri Kapsalis : Violin
Sue Wolf : Cello
Steve Butters : Percussion
John McEntire : Synthesizer

Recorded by John McEntire at Idful Music, Chicago on 14 November 1994.
Photograph by Sue Wolf.
CD design and direction by Jon Malic.

Gastr Del Sol (1995) The Harp Factory on Lake Street [EP]

Palace Music (1996) Arise Therefore

Artist: Palace Music
Title: Arise Therefore
Label: DominoWIGCD24
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK & Europe
Released: 20 Apr 1996
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock, Lo-Fi, Indie Rock

01) Stablemate [3:36]
02) A Sucker's Evening [3:01]
03) Arise, Therefore [4:06]
04) You Have Cum (...) [3:40]
05) Kid Of Harith [4:04]
06) The Sun Highlights The Lack In Each [5:36]
07) No Gold Digger [4:06]
08) Disorder [3:50]
09) A Group Of Women [3:04]
10) Give Me Children [3:27]
11) The Weaker Soldier [5:29]

Will Oldham : Vocals [Singing], Electric Guitar
Ned Oldham : Bass, Guitar [Effected], Vocals [Additional Singing]
David Grubbs : Piano, Organ (Bastro, Bitch Magnet, Boxhead Ensemble, Codeine, Gastr Del Sol, Parallax Ensemble, Red Krayola, Squirrel Bait, Wingdale Community Singers)
Maya Tone : Drums, Percussion
John Golden : Mastered
Steve Albini : Recorded
Gene Booth : Artwork

Palace Music (1996) Arise Therefore

domenica 24 maggio 2015

Iceburn (1992) Firon

Artist: Iceburn
Title: Firon
Label: Victory RecordsVR08CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1992
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore, Post Rock, Jazz-Rock, Heavy Metal

01 Burn II [7:28]
02 Irish Jig [1:08]
03 Fall [4:00]
04 Soulstice [1:25]
05 Winter [7:53]
06 64246 [1:12]
07 Burn I [5:21]
08 Odd [5:48]
09 Drop [7:29]
10 Guts [9:57]
11 Poem Of Fire [7:54]

Gentry Densley : Guitar, Vocals
Douglas Wright : Bass – Cache (tracks: 1 to 11)
Joseph Smith : Drums
James Christian Holder : Guitar [Additional] (tracks: 2)
Engineer, Producer – Brent Peacock, Sam
Lyrics By – Densley (tracks: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10), Jeremy Chatelain (tracks: 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10), Smith (tracks: 5, 11)
Artwork By – Tyler Densley
Artwork By [Cover Concept], Producer – Gentry, Joseph
Music by Iceburn

Recorded at Sam Foster's in June-September of 1991.

Douglas Wright actually played bass on this recording.

Within the lyrics for "Winter", some pieces by classical composer Antonio Vivaldi are credited: "I intro from Vivaldi's 1'inverno (winter) THEME 1 II coldnessensues", "III scherzo and trio IV warmthscape", and "THEME 2 also from Vivaldi V reendtro"

Track 11 is a bonus track that is not on the vinyl, only on the cd version.

Iceburn (1992) Firon

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Faith No More (2015) Sol Invictus [Japan]

Artist: Faith No More
Title: Sol Invictus
Label: Reclamation! RecordingsHSE-30351
Format: CD, Album, Digipak
Country: Japan
Released: 13 May 2015
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Post Metal, Avantgarde

01 Sol Invictus
02 Superhero
03 Sunny Side Up
04 Separation Anxiety
05 Cone Of Shame
06 Rise Of The Fall
07 Black Friday
08 Motherfucker
09 Matador
10 From The Dead
11 Superhero Battaglia (Japan Bonus Track)

Mike Patton
Jon Hudson
Mike Bordin
Billy Gould
Roddy Bottum

Faith No More (2015) Sol Invictus [Japan]

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Jim O'Rourke (2015) Simple Songs

Artist: Jim O'Rourke
Title: Simple Songs
Label: Drag City - DC620CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 19 May 2015
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock, Experimental, Lounge, Art Rock

1) Friends With Benefits
2) That Weekend
3) Half Life Crisis
4) Hotel Blue
5) These Hands
6) Last Year
7) End Of The Road
8) All Your Love

Sudoh Toshiaki : Bass
Tatsuhisa Yamamoto : Drums
Akiko Yoshino : French Horn (tracks: 4, 6, 7, 8)
Ren Takada : Pedal Steel Guitar (tracks: 5)
Eiko Ishibashi : Piano, Organ
Jun Moriyama : Saxophone (tracks: 3)
Nahoko Kamei : Saxophone (tracks: 3, 7)
Atsuko Hatano : Strings
Daisuke Takaoka : Tuba (tracks: 2, 3, 6, 8)
John Golden : Mastered
Kuniyoshi Taikou : Photography

Recorded at Steamroom Tokyo and Hoshi To Neji.
Mixed at Steamroom Tokyo.

Jim O'Rourke (2015) Simple Songs

sabato 16 maggio 2015

The United States of America (1968, Remastered 2004)

Info :
The United States of America sono stati un gruppo rock sperimentale e psichedelico, tra i primi gruppi ad unire musica elettronica ai suoni classici del rock and roll.

Si sono formati nel 1967 da Joseph Byrd (musica elettronica, clavicembalo elettrico, organo, calliope, piano, e sintetizzatore Durrett), Dorothy Moskowitz (voce), Gordon Marron (violino elettrico, modulatore ad anello), Rand Forbes (basso elettrico fretless) and Craig Woodson (batteria e percussioni) compagni di college. Ed Bogas (organo, piano e calliope) che all'inizio si univa saltuariamente al gruppo divenne membro effettivo solo con il primo ed unico tour del gruppo.
Lo stile del gruppo univa elementi diversi, dall'avanguardia al rock psichedelico, alla canzone popolare. Caratteristica peculiare, non c'era un chitarrista, all'epoca scelta radicale in gruppo rock. Il gruppo suppliva a ciò con l'utilizzo di tastiere elettroniche, i primi sintetizzatori e un modulatore ad anello.
Il gruppo pubblicò l'unico album, omonimo, nel 1968 per la CBS, ripubblicato nel 2004 in edizione speciale con alcuni inediti. Venne accostato presto a gruppi underground come Velvet Underground o sperimentali come Frank Zappa. Malgrado le critiche favorevoli le vendite dei dischi stentarono a decollare soprattutto negli USA. Durante il tour promozionale si acuirono i contrasti all'interno del gruppo, ci furono problemi con strumentazione e alcuni membri furono arrestati per possesso di droga. Il gruppo si sciolse entro la fine dell'anno.

Fonte: wikipedia Band ITA
Fonte: wikipedia Band ENG
Fonte: wikipedia Album

Scheda :
Band : The United States of America
Album : The United States of America
Anno : 1968 (Remastered, 2004)
Etichetta : Sundazed
Numero di catalogo : Sundazed SC11124 Remaster
Registrato nel : 1967 / 68
Genere : Psychedelic Rock / Experimental Rock
Paese : USA

Band :
Joseph Byrd – electronic music, electric harpsichord, organ, calliope, piano, vocals
Dorothy Moskowitz – lead vocals
Gordon Marron – electric violin, ring modulator, vocals (on "Where is Yesterday" and "Stranded in Time")
Rand Forbes – electric bass
Craig Woodson – electric drums, percussion

Additional musicians :
Ed Bogas – occasional organ, piano, calliope

Songs :
01. "The American Metaphysical Circus" (Joseph Byrd) - 4:56
02. "Hard Coming Love" (Byrd, Dorothy Moskowitz) - 4:41
03. "Cloud Song" (Byrd, Moskowitz) - 3:18
04. "The Garden of Earthly Delights" (Byrd, Moskowitz) - 2:39
05. "I Won't Leave My Wooden Wife for You, Sugar" (Byrd, Moskowitz) - 3:51
06. "Where Is Yesterday" (Gordon Marron, Ed Bogas, Moskowitz) - 3:08
07. "Coming Down" (Byrd, Moskowitz) - 2:37
08. "Love Song for the Dead Che" (Byrd) - 3:25
09. "Stranded in Time" (Marron, Bogas) - 1:49
10. "The American Way of Love" (Byrd) - 6:38
A. -Metaphor for an Older Man (Byrd)
B. -California Good time Music (Byrd)
C. -Love Is All (Byrd, Moskowitz, Rand Forbes, Craig Woodson, Marron)
11. "Osamu's Birthday" (Byrd) - 2:59
12. "No Love to Give" (Moskowitz) - 2:36
13. "I Won't Leave My Wooden Wife for You, Sugar" (alternate version with Moskowitz singing lead) (Byrd, Moskowitz) - 3:45
14. "You Can Never Come Down" (Byrd) - 2:32
15. "Perry Pier" (Moskowitz) - 2:37
16. "Tailor Man" (Moskowitz) - 3:06
17. "Do You Follow Me" (Kenneth Edwards) - 2:34
18. "The American Metaphysical Circus" (demo version) (Byrd) - 4:01
19. "Mouse (The Garden of Earthly Delights)" (demo version) (Byrd, Moskowitz) - 2:39
20. "Heresy (Coming Down)" (demo version) (Byrd, Moskowitz) - 2:32

Trovarsi a voler viaggiare da Los Angeles a New York all’epoca del rock underground di fine 60 è un po’ come dire di voler entrare nel Parnaso di Apollo e delle sue Muse, all’epoca della mitologia greca. Joseph Byrd, poeta maledetto e incompreso della prima scena psych kentuckyiana, ha fatto proprio questo. Già provetto suonatore jazz, si porta a New York, a contatto con i locali del sotterraneo - la fucina del rock nella sua età dell’oro - a contatto con i musicisti d’avanguardia, e soprattutto a contatto con il patrocinio benevolo di (guarda un po’) Andy Warhol. La lezione ricevuta è troppo importante, troppo pregnante, troppo pervasiva per non essere messa in opera. Con una band e un disco omonimo, diciamo.

La band sono gli United States Of America, un po’ amici e compagni di college, un po’ suonatori già rodati dell’entroterra di Los Angeles: Dorothy Moskowitz alla voce (dal timbro canoro lunare, ipnotico, avvolgente, forse il trade-union ideale tra Grace Slick e Nico), Rand Forbes al basso, Gordon Marron al violino (nonché modulatore ad anello), Craig Woodson alla batteria (nonché percussioni) e lo stesso Byrd alle tastiere (di vario genere). Il disco, uscito nel 1968, si proietta fin da subito come una piccola grande detonazione nell’ambito del rock psichedelico: la sua associazione avventata, naif - eppure così straordinariamente affascinante - di musica d’avanguardia con orientalismi a là LaMonte Young, di musica da camera con musica concreta, è un’autentica rivoluzione, anche se capita e apprezzata da pochissimi (nemmeno dalla Label discografica, che praticamente tagliò ogni attività promozionale relativa all’uscita del disco). Un coacervo epilettico e futuristico di tecnica, composizione, arrangiamento, gusto artistico sopraffino che farà da battistrada a tanti e tanti esperimenti -dall’electro (anticiperà in un colpo solo Monade, Broadcast, Stereolab, Portishead per citare i primi che mi vengono in mente), al kraut, a certa new wave di estrazione sperimentale, al dark-gothic, finanche al cosiddetto post-rock degli anni 90, e insieme può davvero essere considerato un punto di non ritorno della psichedelia nascente.

Si inizia con una musique concrete di orchestrine di ottoni e organetti in sovrapposizione e giustapposizione, che richiama tanto gli esperimenti di Frank Zappa quanto le malarie cameristico-sinfoniche di Hindemith e Milhaud, sopra la quale a sua volta si sovrappone a poco a poco, in un sottile ma inesorabile crescendo di dinamica, la melodia principale. E’ un tema che sembra quasi provenire dal lato oscuro dell’America a stelle e strisce, tutta orgoglio nazionale e benessere, sovranità popolare e patriottismo. E’ una sorta di bruma cupa - come nuvole nere che dall’orizzonte indefinito si fanno sempre più minacciose - che arriva a sovrastare la sfavillante e quasi ostentata serenità, un microcosmo autonomo di perversione e degenerazione, un monito oscuro nel suo tenero dipanarsi melodico. La voce della Moskowitz si acumina, sfonda la barriera ultrasonica, l’orchestrazione si fa sempre più intensa e drammaticamente urlante, fino a quando il tutto svapora in favore di nuove e ignare orchestrine e bande popolari di ottoni.

Lo slancio ritmico della seguente “Hard coming love” è degno dei migliori Doors. L’introduzione strumentale, volutamente (e genialmente) prolungata per aumentare il senso di tensione rispetto all’entrata in scena delle bordate nell’etere della Moscowitz (ma dapprima sornione e pacate), è un trip lisergico di rara bellezza, con tanto di batteria instancabile e in stato di trance. E’ un brano che sembra continuamente morire in fulminee catastrofi free-form (ad opera delle genialate elettroniche di Byrd alla cabina di regia, e ai riverberi infernali del modulatore ad anello), che si rigenera più viscerale di prima, che ritorna a sconquassare menti e coscienze.

“Cloud Song” è una dolce romanza. Velvettiana nell’impostazione, arriva a risultati musicali totalmente “altri”. Il ricamo violinistico è anche più atmosferico di quello di John Cale, l’arpa scandisce pizzicati orientaleggianti, mentre le percussioni sottolineano con arcana insistenza. E’ una canzone per cuori accesi - in silente preghiera (“How sweet to be a cloud/ Floating in the blue”)- e cielo variabile, in cui si parte con sonorità romantiche e si arriva a lambire i tratti della vignetta sardonica, livida, spiazzante, e in cui anche la voce sembra smaterializzarsi in un qualcosa di aeriforme. Proto-ambient, forse.

In “Garden of Earthly Delights” si riprende l’andamento veloce, in un’atmosfera inquieta e turbata, carica di una tensione inenarrabile (sovramplificata dal nervoso tribalismo ritmico di sottofondo), forte di un prodigioso canto da Oracolo lunare. Dove tutto poi degenera in un tripudio assordante di fasce sonore, di effetti rumoristici al vetriolo e in un allucinante pigolare cosmico. Si scivola poi, quasi senza soluzione di continuità, in “I Won’t Leave My Wooden Wife For You, Sugar”. Un vaudeville relativamente semplice e dal piglio cabarettistico, ma comunque geniale per l’uso dell’organo (che rimpiazza efficacemente la chitarra) e di suoni sinistri, un’ombra di inquietudine onnipresente.

C’è spazio per una breve marcetta popolare in lontananza, con grancassa e ottoni, che traghetta in modo stridente verso un terrificante “Agnus Dei” (cantato dalla Moskowitz e da un coro polifonico gregoriano), sopra una sinistra luce primordiale. Si innesta una timida concertazione vocale-armonica à-la Beach Boys, ma sconsolata e tenebrosa. E’ più una messa nera che uno spensierato inno wilsoniano, e pure squarciata da riverberi agghiaccianti, da fragori elettrici e orrorifiche corse d’archi. “Coming Down”, baldanzosa e sardonica, sembra collegarvisi direttamente: è una veloce filastrocca demoniaca, un duetto voce-violino dalle tinte fosche e ancora pregno di riverberi provenienti dall’ignoto più oscuro. Ogni nuovo brano sembra annullare la portata semantica del brano precedente, anche se legato ad esso per la morte e per la vita, causando una perdita totale del senso di narrazione, di struttura, di svolgimento. Questo disco è praticamente una lunga suite, in cui le gaie fanfare fanno da collante tra episodio e episodio.

In “Love Song for the Dead Che” le acque si calmano nuovamente, la tempesta nucleare si placa. Fisarmonica e violino enunciano un tema estatico e intimo, dall’intenso raccoglimento lirico, ma che, paradossalmente, risulta essere ancora in linea con le precedenti atmosfere inquiete. E' forse l’unica vera parvenza di forma-canzone in tutta l’opera, una parentesi di ricordo e rievocazione di un passato prossimo, ma già malinconico. L’arrangiamento bonifica il gelo della linea vocale (con contrappunti e spunti melodici) in un compenetrarsi reciproco: è un disco in cui voce e arrangiamento si nutrono vicendevolmente, e vivono in perfetta simbiosi armonica. Non c’è vero e proprio distinguo - e questa è la vera portata innovatrice del disco - tra armonia e melodia, quanto piuttosto tra ritmo e non-ritmo, e tra armonia e cacofonia.

“Stranded in Time” sembra fare il verso all'“Eleanor Rigby” beatlesiana, ma il tutto viene presto contraddetto da una breve jam di violino, organo e batteria, dal sapore onirico e visionario. “American Way of Love” è il capitolo conclusivo, ed è anche uno straordinario collage di episodi musicali ed eventi sonori dal meticoloso retrogusto estetico pseudo-zappiano. Si inizia con una struttura call-and-response dall’andamento roccioso, ma anch’essa inframezzata da parentesi quasi demenziali, in cui il violino acidificato riveste il ruolo di protagonista incontrastato (forse il corrispettivo di deformazione caricaturale e sprezzante del canto di Byrd). Intervengono ancora nuove vignette, modulazioni di suoni da incubo e intermezzi hard, e intanto si fanno strada deliranti rievocazioni di episodi ascoltati lungo tutto il disco, quasi degli attori richiamati in scena in tutta fretta a rendere ancor più psicotica questa fragorosa, allucinata e mostruosa sarabanda finale. Il riassunto procede poco per volta, in continui naufragi apocalittici in ondate di suono, sopra l’andirivieni del motivo principale e dell’incedere del ritmo di batteria, accecato e quasi cancellato dalle spaventose folate di suono assoluto, il vero capocomico di questa passerella schizofrenica. Ritornano finalmente le bande e le parate cittadine di ottoni e grancassa, le spensierate fanfare dell’inizio, prima di concludersi sopra dense pennellate di archi sulle quali vengono fatti esalare - quasi si trattasse di misteriosi gas luciferini - altri fugaci e confusi episodi di quanto ascoltato in precedenza.

E’ stato tutto un sogno? Maledetto, insolito, accattivante. E’ un archetipo di conformazione ciclica, più che un disco. Un potente canovaccio impressionistico dalla grande fascinazione sonora, in cui la struttura si aggroviglia e implode su sé stessa. Un’opera che pone in essere in modo obliquo le contraddizioni dell’America dell’epoca, contesa - come sappiamo - tra boom del benessere materiale e pesanti carneficine umane in terra vietnamita. Si parte dalla musica popolare americana, ma si arriva a risultati che smentiscono in fieri la sovrastruttura fin nelle sue fondamenta. E’ un incubo, ma ad occhi aperti, dove splende la luce diurna. E dove più splende la luce, più si ha mefistofelica malvagità. E’ un sorriso, ma satanico, sulla vita e sui piccoli mostriciattoli del quotidiano, della mente umana nel suo vagare indefinito. Non si ritrovano precedenti artistici di un’opera del genere, forse solo nel “Trittico delle delizie” di Bosch (cfr.), a cui il disco sembra misteriosamente rendere omaggio.

Recensione di Michele Saran

 The United States of America (1968, Remastered 2004)
Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart (2015) Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart

Artist: Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart
Title: Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart
Label: Secretly CanadianSC324
Format: CD, Album, Promo
Country: US
Released: 2015
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient

1) 2amoutu 17tirakan [6:15]
2) Metal [3:50]
3) Seif [3:42]
4) In Touch [5:48]
5) Gazelles In Flight [5:13]
6) Leyla [2:03]
7) 3attam Babey [8:44]

Released in a cardboard sleeve.

Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart (2015) Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart

giovedì 14 maggio 2015

Mystic Fugu Orchestra (1995) Zohar

From the inventive minds of John Zorn and Yamantaka Eye comes an intimate and highly original duo project inspired by historical recordings of ancient Judaica. The Mystic Fugu Orchestra masquerades as "newly discovered" recordings from the Mystical tradition of Kabbalah - paralleling 14th century author Moses de Leon's original presentation of of his Kabbalistic classic "The Zohar" or "book of Splendors" as having been discovered by him and actually written by Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai centuries before. Issued at a special low price, this CD single is the first of a series of Zorn/Eye releases planned for Tzadik records in 1995. Humourous, touching, traditiuonal, irrerverent, perplexing, soulful. A sound that could only come about with years of friendship, empathy and collaboration, The Mystic Fugu Orchestra will surprise and delight you as yet another unusual direction in music from these two masters of the unexpected.

Artist: Mystic Fugu Orchestra
Title: Zohar
Label: TzadikTZ 7106
Series: Radical Jewish Culture - 6
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1995
Genre: Non-Music, Classical
Style: Experimental

1) Alef [0:40]
2) Book Of Splendors [3:48]
3) Frog Doina [2:02]
4) The Dybbuk [2:28]
5) 2000 Years [1:00]
6) Goniff Dance [2:17]
7) Rav Nova [7:45]
8) Ayin [3:37]

Rav Tzizit (John Zorn) : Harmonium
Rav Yechida (Yamatsuka Eye) : Voice

In original liner notes, this album is described as "the first in a series of Zorn/Eye releases planned for Tzadik in 1995", but only one album followed the same year, Nani Nani by Yamantaka Eye and Dekoboko Hajime (alias of John Zorn).

Mystic Fugu Orchestra (1995) Zohar

mercoledì 13 maggio 2015

Tee & Company (1978) Dragon Garden

Artist: Tee & Company
Title: Dragon Garden
Label: Three Blind Mice - THCD-232
Format: CD, Album, Reissue
Country: Japan
Released: 1978, Reissue 2013
Genre: Jazz
Style: Fusion, Contemporary Jazz

Hide Credits
1) Dragon Garden [13:48]
2) Our Foolish [4:03]
3) Mort [7:38]
4) End Of November [5:05]

Ben Nishizawa: Art Direction [Art Director]
Yoshihiko Kannari: Engineer [Recording Engineer]
Masayoshi Okawa: Engineer [Recording Engineer]
Makoto Yoshida: Illustration
Mitsuharu Kobayashi: Lacquer Cut [Cutting]
Takeshi "Tee" Fujii: Producer, Liner Notes

Hideto Kanai, Hiroshi Murakami, Masaru Imada, Masayuki Takayanagi, Mori Kenji, Nobuyoshi Ino, Takao Uematsu, Yuji Imamura.

Recorded at AOI Studio Tokyo on 15 & 28 November and 1 December, 1977.

Tee & Company (1978) Dragon Garden

martedì 12 maggio 2015

Abe - Yoshizawa Duo (1975) 北 [Nord] Duo '75

Artist: Kaoru Abe & Motoharu Yoshizawa
Title: 北 [Nord] Duo '75
Label: ALM RecordsURCD-5
Format: CD, Album, Reissue
Country: Japan
Released: 1975, Reissue 1995
Genre: Jazz
Style: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation

1) Duo Improvisation No.1 [11:29]
2) Duo Improvisation No.2 [13:05]
3) Duo Improvisation No.3 [30:00]

Kaoru Abe: Alto Saxophone
Motoharu Yoshizawa: Bass, Cello
Yukio Kojima: Producer, Recorded
Akio Suzuki: Cover
Go Murakami: Liner Notes
Toshihiko Shimizu: Liner Notes
Tatsuo Inagao: Photography
Aquirax Aida: Producer [Concert Producer], Photography

Recorded at Iruma Shimin-Kaikan on October 15 (1,2), and live at Aoyama Tower Hall (3) on October 18, 1975.
Originally released in 1981. Mini-LP style sleeve. The artists are credited as "Abe - Yoshizawa Duo" on the cover.

Abe - Yoshizawa Duo (1975) 北 [Nord] Duo '75

domenica 10 maggio 2015

Dickie Landry (1977) Fifteen Saxophones

First ever CD and limited edition LP reissue of this little known classic from founding Philip Glass Ensemble member Richard "Dickie" Landry. Following two jazz LPs issued on the Chatham Square label (which he co-ran), Dickie Landry released Fifteen Saxophones, a set of 1974 recordings done with engineer Kurt Munkacsi, on the Northern Lights and Wergo labels in 1977. Fifteen Saxophones simultaneously demonstrates Landry’s boundary-pushing saxophone and his understanding of the minimalists’ long-form treatises on sound. Using intricate Revox tape delays on "Fifteen Saxophones", "Alto Flute Quad Delay" and the side-long live document "Kitchen Solos", Landry’s strong personality as a player shines through a brilliant wall of sound. It is unsurprising Landry was a fixture in the same New York scene that spawned artists like Richard Serra – something equally monumental exists in the pieces found on this album.

Artist: Dickie Landry
Title: Fifteen Saxophones
Label: Unseen WorldsUW06CD
Format: CD, Album, Reissue
Country: US
Released: 1977, Reissue 2011
Genre: Electronic, Jazz
Style: Free Improvisation, Experimental, Leftfield

1) Fifteen Saxophones [10:30]
2) Alto Flute Quad Delay [9:41]
3) Kitchen Solos [21:47]

Dickie Landry : Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Producer
Kurt Munkacsi : Engineer

Recorded at The Big Apple Recording Studios, Ltd. except for "Kitchen Solos" which was recorded live at The Kitchen, New York.

Funded in part through a grant from the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc.

Dickie Landry (1977) Fifteen Saxophones

sabato 9 maggio 2015

Godspeed You! Black Emperor (2015) 'Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress'

Artist: Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Title: 'Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress'
Label: ConstellationCST111-2
Format: CD, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 31 March 2015
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Post Rock, Drone

1 Peasantry Or 'Light! Inside of Light!' [10:28]
2 Lambs' Breath [9:52]
3 Asunder, Sweet [6:13]
4 Piss Crowns Are Trebled [13:50]

Thierry Amar: Bass and contrebasse
David Bryant: Electric guitar, portasound, organs and drones
Aidan Girt: Drums
Timothy Herzog: Drums and drones
Efrim Manuel Menuck: Electric guitar
Michael Moya: Electric guitar
Mauro Pezzente: Electric bass
Sophie Trudeau: Violins and drones
Karl Lemieux: 16mm film projections

Recorded by Greg Norman at Fidelitorium, Hotel 2 Tango and The Pines.
Mixed by Greg Norman and GYBE at Mixart and Hotel 2 Tango.
Masted by Harris Newman at Greymarket.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor (2015) 'Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress'

mercoledì 6 maggio 2015

Dead Neanderthals (2014) Prime

Artist: Dead Neanderthals
Title: Prime
Label: Gaffer RecordsGR052
Format: Album, Limited Edition
Country: France
Released: 10 Oct 2014
Genre: Jazz, Rock
Style: Free Improvisation, Avant-garde Jazz, Noise

1) Prime [40:35]
Baritone Saxophone - Colin Webster, Otto Kokke
Drums - Rene Aquarius

Layout [Sleeve Layout] : Rutger Zuydervelt
Mastered by Marlon Wolterink
Sleeve Notes : Phil Freeman

Recorded live at White Noise Studio, Winterswijk (NL), January 11th 2014.

Dead Neanderthals (2014) Prime

Masada (1994) Alef

Artist: Masada
Title: Alef
Label: DIW - DIW-888
Format: CD, Album
Country: Japan
Released: 1994
Genre: Jazz
Style: Contemporary Jazz

01 Jair
02 Bith Aneth
03 Tzofeh
04 Ashnah
05 Tahah
06 Kanah
07 Delin
08 Janohah
09 Zebdi
10 Idalah-Abal
11 Zelah

John Zorn : Alto Saxophone
Greg Cohen : Bass
Dave Douglas : Trumpet
Joey Baron : Drums

Design [Cover] : Arai Yasunori
Executive Producer : DIW/Disk Union
Liner Notes : Kondo Hirotaka
Mastered by Allan Tucker
Mastered at Foothill Digital, NYC
Producer : John Zorn, Kazunori Sugiyama
Recorded & Mixed by Jim Anderson
Recorded at RPM Studios, NYC on February 20, 1994.

This recording is also released under the name: MASADA ONE.

Masada (1994) Alef

martedì 5 maggio 2015

Rachel Grimes (2009) Book Of Leaves

Artist : Rachel Grimes
Title : Book Of Leaves
Label: RuminanCeRUM042
Format: CD, Album, Gatefold
Country: Canada
Released: 2009
Genre: Classical, Electronic
Style: Neo-Classical, Ambient

01 Long Before Us [1:24]
02 Every Morning [2:15]
03 The Corner Room [3:11]
04 She Was Here [3:40]
05 On The Morrow [2:59]
06 My Dear Companion [2:30]
07 Far Light [2:01]
08 Mossgrove [4:55]
09 Bloodroot [3:00]
10 At The Pond [1:17]
11 Starwhite [1:35]
12 The Side View [3:15]
13 Every Morning, Birds [2:21]
14 Bed Of Moss [2:28]

Written-By, Performer - Rachel Grimes
Artwork [Print Elements] - Michael Jarboe
Engineer - Tim Haertel
Layout, Design - César Perèz-Ribas
Mixed By - Bob Weston
Photography By [Kentucky], Recorded By [Field Recordings] - Rachel

Rachel Grimes (2009) Book Of Leaves

lunedì 4 maggio 2015

Sticks and Stones (2002) Sticks and Stones

Artist: Sticks and Stones
Title: Sticks and Stones
Label: 482 Music482-1012
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: Jun 2002
Genre: Jazz
Style: Free Improvisation

01 Turning the Mark [5:22]
02 Equally Strong [4:43]
03 Lose My Number [5:17]
04 Suhassani [3:16]
05 End of the Game [4:56]
06 Usetosay [3:31]
07 Sons of Slaves [4:44]
08 Hannibul [6:58]
09 Spaces [3:08]
10 Salvador [3:49]
11 Spicer [3:43]

Matana Roberts : Alto Saxophone
Josh Abrams : Double Bass
Chad Taylor : Drums

Sticks and Stones (2002) Sticks and Stones