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Kill Yourself (2004) Kill Yourself [7", Tour 2004]

A Kill Yourself seven-inch featuring songs that we had recorded in a second session with Robert Whiteley in January of 2004. The seven-inch was catalogue number LOT007 and I drew the text copying some George Macunias typography and took care of the packaging, making use of the primitive screen-printing facilities at Leeds University which was almost completely empty over the Summer. It took me a day to make the screens and print the 300 copies although I can’t recall exactly where the paper came from. We pressed the 7-inch on blue vinyl and hand stamped the labels to distinguish side A from side B, or more rightly ‘side Eeyore’ from ‘side Psalm’. The record was finished off with a split-pin fastening device which people seemed to find very original despite its heavy influence from the June Of 44 stapled 12-inch and Jealous Records elastic-band fastened 7-inches, one of which Kill Yourself had contributed to. We pressed the records in time for a European tour we did with This Aint Vegas in September 2004 and which followed a similar route to the first tour of Europe we had done with The Wow. The tour was done in the van that James and I had bought together – a red LDV that belonged to James Beal (who ran Hermit Records and a partner at Out Of Step) – with those members of the bands who could drive all doing a share. The tour was a successful one in terms of turnouts, mostly thanks to TAV gaining a great reputation on the continent, and was another opportunity to get some of the OBA vinyl around Europe.

Artist: Kill Yourself
Title: Kill Yourself
Label: Obscene Baby Auction - LOT007
Format: Vinyl, 7", Blue, Tour 2004
Country: UK
Released: 2004
Genre: Rock
Style: Post Rock

Side Eeyore (A1) You Are Good [4:56]
Side Psalm (B1) Fill the Sails [3:08]

Andrew Derek Ross Abbott - Bass
James Richard Islip - Drums
Giles Edmund Joseph Bailey - Vocals, Guitar

Mastered by Joseph Keith Cameron Carter-Osbourne
Recorded by Max LudwigRobert Whiteley

Hand numbered and limited to 300 copies.

Kill Yourself (2004) Kill Yourself [7", Tour 2004]

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  1. One of my favourite ever band shirts was the Kill Yourself shirt with just the band name on the front but upside down as a message to the wearer. Only saw you once, in Liverpool and it was phenomenal. Thank you.