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Iceburn Collective (1997) Polar Bear Suite

Info :
Iceburn, known later as the Iceburn Collective, was a musical group formed in 1991 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, by guitarist/vocalist/composer Gentry Densley, the sole constant member through multiple personnel changes. They were known for their unique style that combined elements of jazz, heavy metal, punk, and classical music. Releasing albums on Revelation Records and Victory Records, Iceburn achieved little mainstream attention, but earned critical praise for their unusual music.

Their early output could be classified as jazzcore, blending the speed and energy of hardcore punk and metal with the intricacy of jazz and progressive rock. For their first few years and albums, Iceburn were, for the most part, a classic "power trio" of guitar, bass guitar and drums.
Around 1996, with the release of Meditavolutions, a 70-minute continuous piece in the form of a musical palindrome, the band began to go by the name the Iceburn Collective, to reflect the dynamic nature of the group's membership. The lineup expanded with a saxophonist, percussionist on conga drums, and a second guitarist. Critic Piero Scaruffi described the pieces on Meditavolutions as "their most [...] accomplished works," while critic Bret Love writes of the album, "the eclectic sound of this Utah-based septet flows so seamlessly that it may take a few songs before you realize you've never heard anything quite like it."
The band gradually introduced more and more improvisation. By the time they disbanded in about 2000, Iceburn was a completely improvised avant-garde jazz unit, featuring saxophone and other woodwind instruments.
Densley went on to participate in Ascend, a collaboration with Greg Anderson.
Most of their albums featured artwork by Californian Rich Jacobs.
Iceburn reunited for one concert in February 2007 to celebrate the 18th anniversary of Slug Mag (Salt Lake Underground, devoted to local music and arts), a longtime booster for Iceburn and Densely's music.

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Scheda :
Band : Iceburn Collective
Album : Polar Bear Suite
Anno : 1997
Etichetta : Iceburn Records
Numero di catalogo : ICE001
Genere : Jazz, Rock
Paese : Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Songs :
1 - Solarity [20:17]
2 - Polarity [22:55]
3 - Aurora Boreality [16:43]

Credits :
Artwork By – Rich Jacobs
Bassoon – Alicia Poore
Clarinet [Bass] – Aaron Hansen
Double Bass – Cache Tolman, Doug Wright
Drums – Dan Day
Edited By – Todd Winn
Engineer – Brian Kesler, Chad Wagstaff, Chris Hill
Guitar – Chris Hill, Gentry Densley
Mixed By – Chris Hill, Gentry Densley
Saxophone – Jared Russell

Registrato in presa diretta, ottobre 1996, Salt Lake City

Iceburn Collective (1997) Polar Bear Suite

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