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Tuscadero - The Pink Album (First Edition) (1994)

This is the first edition of Tuscadero's Pink Album on Teenbeat Records. There was a subsequent second edition also on Teenbeat Records and then another one on Elektra, both with different mixes and cd artwork.

Update 7/2013: if you have downloaded this album the first time I posted it in 2011, please check the artwork, I may have inadvertently enclosed the artwork of the second edition. The updated links below contain the correct artwork.

Artist: Tuscadero
Title: The Pink Album
Format: CD album
Label: Teenbeat Records
Cat. Num.: teenbeat 159-cd
Year: 1994

01: Heat Lightnin'
02: Candy Song
03: Game Song
04: Latex Dominatrix
05: Just My Size
06: Dime A Dozen
07: Lovesick
08: Mt. Pleasant
09: Nancy Drew
10: Hollywood Handsome
11: Leather Idol
12: Crayola

Tuscadero (1994) The Pink Album

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