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Mystic Fugu Orchestra (1995) Zohar

From the inventive minds of John Zorn and Yamantaka Eye comes an intimate and highly original duo project inspired by historical recordings of ancient Judaica. The Mystic Fugu Orchestra masquerades as "newly discovered" recordings from the Mystical tradition of Kabbalah - paralleling 14th century author Moses de Leon's original presentation of of his Kabbalistic classic "The Zohar" or "book of Splendors" as having been discovered by him and actually written by Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai centuries before. Issued at a special low price, this CD single is the first of a series of Zorn/Eye releases planned for Tzadik records in 1995. Humourous, touching, traditiuonal, irrerverent, perplexing, soulful. A sound that could only come about with years of friendship, empathy and collaboration, The Mystic Fugu Orchestra will surprise and delight you as yet another unusual direction in music from these two masters of the unexpected.

Artist: Mystic Fugu Orchestra
Title: Zohar
Label: TzadikTZ 7106
Series: Radical Jewish Culture - 6
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1995
Genre: Non-Music, Classical
Style: Experimental

1) Alef [0:40]
2) Book Of Splendors [3:48]
3) Frog Doina [2:02]
4) The Dybbuk [2:28]
5) 2000 Years [1:00]
6) Goniff Dance [2:17]
7) Rav Nova [7:45]
8) Ayin [3:37]

Rav Tzizit (John Zorn) : Harmonium
Rav Yechida (Yamatsuka Eye) : Voice

In original liner notes, this album is described as "the first in a series of Zorn/Eye releases planned for Tzadik in 1995", but only one album followed the same year, Nani Nani by Yamantaka Eye and Dekoboko Hajime (alias of John Zorn).

Mystic Fugu Orchestra (1995) Zohar

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